5 Things to know about Wedding Planners


I love this article. Many brides think of a wedding planner and automatically think they are relinquishing their part in the planning process. That is just not true. A wedding planner doesn’t need to plan your wedding. They are there to help the bride and groom pull their ideas together, make the day run smoothly so the bride and groom can enjoy their day (as well as friends & family), while saving them money by offering cost-saving tips, as well as discounts from vendors they may not be able to get on their own.

The most frustrating thing to hear as a planner is “my friend or relative is going to help me”. Not because it is business that I am losing, but because those brides are basically putting their friends or relatives to work without even realizing it. Some friends may gladly volunteer thinking they are doing a good deed, but in reality they are signing up for a very stressful day and possibly adding stress to a friendship. A wedding planner is a third party who does not have an attachment to either bride or groom and can step in the middle of disagreements about planning details when family want to add their input. Planners are also there to review contracts and make sure the couple is getting a fair price and there are no hidden fees. Planners have relationships with other wedding vendors and have worked with the good vendors and the bad vendors. They can save the couple money as well as heartache from hiring a vendor who may provide a service that is less than desirable. Things friends and family members have no experience with.

So when you have a friend or family getting engaged and they want YOU to help with their wedding…please say no. You will be doing them and yourself a big favor. Instead, show them this article or any article the explains the benefit of a wedding planner. They will thank you later.


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